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Winter Workshop 2020

We are happy to announce that our Winter Workshop, a free online program for elementary schoolers, will run over the winter break. Students will participate in fun and engaging activities over Google Meet for two hours a day from December 28-31. Select from the Computer Science Workshop, the Arts and Crafts Workshop, or the Creative Writing Workshop. No experience is necessary!

Computer Science

This is an introductory workshop for computer science basics. Students will learn and experiment with the building blocks of coding, such as variables and loops. The workshop will end with students creating their own projects.

Runs on December 28-31 from 1PM to 3PM

Arts and Crafts

In this workshop, students will use a variety of art skills, such as object placement and sketching, to create art projects. Students will build a winter - themed diorama at the end of the workshop.

Students will need a pencil, eraser, coloring tools, cardboard, paper, egg cartons, glue/tape, and string/yarn. Optional supplies include acrylic paint, cotton balls, and self-drying clay.

Runs on December 28-31 from 10AM to 12PM

Creative Writing

Students will write their own creative writing pieces, including poetry and short stories. They will be helped and be taught the basic elements of creative writing.

Runs on December 28-31 from 4PM to 6PM

Interested in the Workshop?
Sign up here!

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