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Our Values

Buddy Tutoring is a team of high-achieving high school students who have a passion for teaching others. We strongly believe in the importance of individualized education, especially during a pandemic that has moved schools online. Since providing accessible instruction is our sole purpose, our services are free of charge.

Our Team

Meet the people who run Buddy Tutoring.

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Eden Lebovitch


Eden is a Junior at Millburn High School. She loves reading and all things science and loves volunteering with kids of all ages! She prides herself on her study skills and loves sharing them with others!

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Sana Sinha


Sana is a current junior at Millburn High School. She enjoys programming, robotics, and making STEM more accessible to students from a variety of backgrounds. She aims to share the incredible world of innovation that STEM offers as well as to empower others to further explore these fields. 

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Ashley Joseph


Ashley is a current junior at Millburn High School. She enjoys debate, teaching kids taekwondo, and her favorite subject is english. She loves finding ways to help children find learning as enjoyable as she does, and hopes to connect with her students beyond learning.


Raina Wang


Raina is a current senior at Millburn High School. She has a desire for knowledge and pursuing answers and wishes to help children approach learning in the same way. In her free time, you can find her at Millburn’s First Aid Squad volunteering as an EMT!

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Farzeen Deshmukh


Farzeen is a current junior at Millburn High School. She enjoys playing volleyball, listening to music, and learning new languages. She loves to volunteer to help children overcome their learning struggles so they can do great in any subject!

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Kanay Debur


Kanay is a current senior at Millburn High School. He enjoys playing football for the high school team as well as following passions in business, sports and analytics. He enjoys showing children how to succeed with other distractions such as being a student athlete and is excited at any opportunity to help them out!

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Daniel Han


Daniel is a current sophomore at Millburn High School. He enjoys playing basketball and volleyball, and is passionate about mathematics. He enjoys helping children grow to the best that they can be in whatever subject they may pursue!

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