Our Values

Buddy Tutoring is a team of high-achieving high school students who have a passion for teaching others. We strongly believe in the importance of individualized education, especially during a pandemic that has moved schools online. Since providing accessible instruction is our sole purpose, our services are free of charge.


Our Team

Meet the people who run Buddy Tutoring.


Felicia Yi


Buddy Tutoring was launched by Felicia Yi, a junior at Millburn High School, to provide wider access to one-on-one education. She is a part of the fencing team as well as the Peer Leader Program. Felicia has tutored many kids in the past and loves sharing her knowledge with others.


Erika De Lesseps


Erika De Lesseps is a junior at Millburn High School. She is an advocate of women’s rights and a part of the Student Steering Committee, as well as the Peer Leader club at her high school. She enjoys working with little kids during the summer, and has volunteered at a Montessori summer camp.


Joanna Yao


Joanna Yao is a sophomore at Millburn High School. Besides dabbling in art and bullet journaling, she loves teaching kids and volunteering at her local hospital. She is very excited to spread her knowledge and to help kids succeed!


Maggie Vasilopoulos


Maggie Vasilopoulos is a junior at Millburn High School. She is passionate about volunteering and fundraising. She is a peer leader, member of the PAIRS club, and treasurer of the Ocean Conservation Club. She enjoys spending time with her family.

Selena Teng.jpg

Selena Teng

Graphic Designer

Selena is a freshman at Millburn High School. She likes music, science, and philosophy. In her free time, Selena researches interesting topics, such as cognitive biases and nuclear energy. She also enjoys playing the piano and is trying to learn how to play a PVC pipe.


Rene Zhang

Graphic Designer

Rene Zhang is a sophomore at Millburn High School. She is a board member of the GirlUp Club, which is an organization that advocates for gender equality around the world. She loves reading and listening to music. Rene hopes to help children improve their skills and have a passion for learning.