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For Tutor Applicants

We're always looking for qualified tutors. Read the descriptions below to see if you would be a good fit for Buddy Tutoring.

Passion for Learning and Teaching

Education is much more effective when the tutor has a legitimate enthusiasm for knowledge, as well as the ability to pass it on to others. We also want tutors' attitudes to reflect our principles of valuing personal education.


Unlike many other student organizations, Buddy Tutoring is based on initiative instead of participation. Tutors will create lesson plans, contact parents, and teach students. Buddy Tutoring requires a time commitment of at least one hour per week.

Comprehensive Knowledge

Tutors must completely understand the subjects they are tutoring in order to teach the correct information in a comprehensive manner. Play to your strengths; if you are great with languages but not with STEM, don't apply to be a math tutor.

Interested in being a tutor?
Apply here!

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